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Posted by Matthew Little on

Here are some useful links for online educational resources for younger folk wanting to learn electronics, science and code. I'd been having a look around to find resources that I could share for people doing home schooling for the next few weeks.

I hope these links will be useful for those trying to keep themselves or younger folk entertained and educated over the coming months. For our range of kits and ideas for younger makers, please check here!

Online Resources

Website Info Location
 Maker Camp From the constantly brilliant Make Magazine US
Hackspace Magazine Great projects and information UK
Diyode Magazine  Articles and info for Kids Australia
Drawdio: Version 1 - original

Drawdio: Turn pictures into sound

Drawdio: Version 2 - Adafruit Adafruit US
Drawdio: Version 3 - Make Magazine Make Magazine (video) US
Drawdio: Syntheslicer  Sounds while you eat - Playing with your food video. US
Microbit Educational Foundation Learn to code with the Micro:bit UK
Instructables Electronics Class  World
Instrucables  The whole Instrucatables website is a great resource for information and inspiration World
Teaching kids to build electronics  Tips and ideas from Open Source Foundation World
Introducing Kids to Electronics From US
#LifeGoesOnLine Experiments you can do at home from the Life Sciences Centre in Newcastle, UK. UK
Science Journal Smart phone app from Google
IET KS3 KS4 Resources 11-16 Age range STEM activities from the Institute of Engineering & Technology UK
IET KS1 KS2 Resources 5-11 Age range STEM activities from the Institute of Engineering & Technology UK
Wizz Bang Pop Science Magazine for kids aged 6-11


Saturday Science Science & physics experiments you can do at home.


All About Electronic Circuits for Kids Speedway Motors Academy: Information and links to more resources. (Thanks for the tip, Eliza!)



Kits & Materials


Website Info Location
Kitronik  Company supplying kits, materials and ideas. UK
Review of best electronics kits Adafruit US
KiwiCo Science kits for kids - look great! World
Science Museum science kits Science kits as reviewed by the Science Museum UK
Tindie DIY kits from makers around the world. Different levels. World

DIY kits and boards. Based in Sheffield.

AdaFruit DIY kits and learning resources US
Cool Components Supplier of kits and parts - blog with learning resources. UK
Proto Pic Supplier of kits and parts. UK



Title Info
Getting Started in Electronics  By Forest M. Mims III (this book changed my life!)
Science Experiments By Forest M. Mims III 
Electronics for Kids 

This is just a start!

I'm going to look around my workshop and see what resources I can put together to try and introduce basic electronics, hopefully bringing in some solar power too!

Higher level learning

For older folk, these links might be interesting:

 Website Info
All About Circuits review of online educational resources.
    All About Circuits review of free educational resources
    Diyode Magazine Articles Full range of articles for all ages (Australia based)
    Hackaday Classes & Events A calendar of interesting classes and online events. Mainly US based.

    Please note: I am not affiliated or linked with any of these organisations. These links are for information only.

    Image credits:  Raspberry Pi Foundation. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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