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EMF Detector

  • £1695

This electronic circuit detects changes in local electro-magnetic fields and converts them to human-audible sounds.

Electro-magnetic fields are all around us, but are usually invisible and silent. This detector uses two inductors to give a stereo audio output of the noise created by electro-magnetic fields.

This is useful for investigating electronic circuits, checking power supplies and investigating the unseen world around us.

This kit includes a high-quality PCB, all the components, an enclosure and a pair of in-ear earphones.

Please note: The laser-cut enclosure will be in frosted white, although other colours can be done on request.

This is an easy kit to build and should take in the region of 1 hour to construct.

This detector needs to be close to the source to detect it, sometimes actually touching the device. The output varies and totally depends upon the strength of the field. Mobile phones will make various high pitched noises, older AC power supplies can make very loud bass tones.

The instructions are available to download here.

Please find the "Soldering is Easy" guide available here.

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