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Air Quality Monitor

  • £6995

Build your own air quality monitor and contribute to the global open environmental data platform.

Civic Tech in action!

This kit contains all you need to set up your own online air quality monitoring unit. This records the PM2.5 and PM10 particulate data, along with temperature and humidity. This is sent (via your Wi-Fi connection) to the platform, which can be viewed here: 

In building and installing this equipment you are helping monitor local and global air quality and provide results to a growing network of civil tech sensor units.

The unit uses the SDS011 dust and particulate sensor, along with a BME280 temperature and humidity sensor. These are interfaced with an ESP8266 Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller on the NodeMCU.

The main option is for a full kit of parts, including a UK plug USB power supply.

No programming is required! The units are pre-programmed with the firmware and should not need any additional programming. An online account activation is required, though.

Additional PCB connections can be made to add more sensors in the future, if you would like to expand it further.

You can also buy just the PCB or just the Nova SDS011 particulate sensor - just drop us an email and we can sort this out.


  • This kit contains all hardware required to set up your sensor unit.
  • You will need a local Wi-Fi connection.
  • You will need to install in a location which can connect to that network.
  • This kit requires soldering, some hardware construction and setting up an online account and sensor node.
  • This should take in the region of 2-4 hours to build.
  • This kit relies upon the platform. Curious Electric use their firmware and do not have any input to the software side of the project.

The instructions for the build are available here.

The parts included are:

The design files for the PCB and the hardware, along with the instructions, are available in the project github repository here:

This kit is only available in the UK, due to shipping costs and the UK USB adaptor supplied. Please email if you would like it sent elsewhere in the world!

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