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Seg-O-matic - 7-Segment LED Board

  • £1000

This is a serially-interfaced 7 segment LED kit. The kit is modular and can be linked together to create numerical displays. 

The LED display is a large 45mm/1.75" unit with super-bright LEDs visible in daylight. The board contains a shift register and a power stage to control the display. This can be controlled via a micro controller - with Arduino examples included here.

The 7 Segment LED board has been designed by Renewable Energy Innovation to provide large visible power and energy displays.

Instructions for this kit are available here.

The design files are available on GITHUB here.

Here is a short video of a single and three of the units in action:


Please Note: To run the 7 Segment LED a separate 12V DC supply and a 5V control signal are needed. The control signal can be provided from a micro controller, such as an Arduino. 

Please find the "Soldering is Easy" guide available here.

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