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Inventors Electronics Kit

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I wanted to create some interesting education resources for the younger folk who are now being educated at home. I've looked around my workshop and pulled together various piles of stuff and some slightly older parts to create the Curious Electric Company's "Inventors Electronics" kits!

This is a basic set of components for young inventors! It's designed to investigate motors, lights, batteries, switches and introduce solar power.

 The Curious Electric Company wanted to provide some resources and activities to help with STEM and maybe help inspire a budding engineer or scientist.

Note: These kits contain small parts and are only suitable for children over the age of 5. Adult supervision is always required!

I'm going to try and do a new project each week that, with a few additional household resources, can be a little bit interesting, a little bit educational and hopefully go alongside science, technology, engineering and art education. Some activities in the pipeline are:

  1. Motor madness
  2. Wobbly Robot
  3. Spin-Art
  4. Solar Spinner
  5. Solar Light
  6. Solar Flower
  7. Sunlight Indicator
  8. Solar Music Maker
  9. Solar Powered Car
  10. Generate your own power!
These kits are FREE of charge, but I will only send within the UK and limited to one per household. If you can spare a small donation then that would be appreciated.

These kits contain:

Item Quantity
Motor 1
Solar Panel 1
Switch 1
Cable Connectors
Motor Connectors
M6 Nut (weight)
Elastic bands 2
 Note: These parts have all come from some of my darkest stockpile corners, so not all perfect!

Also required:

Note: You will definitely need a small screwdriver, some AA batteries, sticky tape, carboard box, scissors and elastic bands. Also other household items may be needed to experiment and play!

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